This guy is a psychologist

What do psychologist do?
These peoples' jobs are very important because they help other people with their mental issues. Say you need a guide to other stuff a psychologist can help with that.

This guy helps the guy.

What skills would a psychologist need ?

A good psychologist would need to have at least communication skills, compassion, emotional stability, Open-Mindedness, Patience, and trustworthiness. Those are some of the of the most important things a psychologist needs, sure there are other things but these are most important.


What type of courses does a future psychologist need?

You can take a lot of classes for psychology but I can list a couple for you.

*Introductory Psychology

*Psychological Statistics

*Personality Psychology

These are a couple you could take, sure there are a lot more but i just listed a few.

Usually those classes would take 4 years together.

A school to get all this would be Stanford University, this school is the best in the country for psychology.

What is the salary of a psychologist ?

In average a starting psychologist can make about $71K when starting out but eventually if you become self-employed you can make about $250K per year.

How hard is it to become a psychologist?

Becoming a psychologist isn't child's play its actually quite difficult.

When you start people wont know about you so you really it will be difficult to get started.

You also don't see is you help them enough, it can be very emotional and drain you emotionally, and sometimes you just have to work for long periods of time.


How many jobs are there?

There are quite a bit of jobs for this over 5000 jobs.

does it have a long future?

This job can have a long future if you are really good at it can have a long future. If you are good with dealing with peoples problems you can have a long future in this career.

Why would someone want to be a psychologist?

You would want to become a psychologist if you like to help people. If you enjoy to see people with mental health or other issues be helped then this is the job for you.

What are similar careers?

A similar career would be Anthropologists! They both deal with the human emotions except a anthropologists  studies the origins of humans.  


Why did I pick this job?

I enjoyed see people get the help they need.

What would make me good at this job?

I think if I took this job I would care for my patience and treat them with respect until there are mentally stable.

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