52 IN 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

Week 27/Album 27

Who: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones : "Don't know how to party"

When: 1993

Why: The Bosstones were the first band I ever saw live. Not a fair, or a local band. A touring national band. At a club, that me and my buddies weaseled our way into.  I had no idea who the Mighty Mighty Bosstones were. I had no idea what kind of music they played or how their show was going to be, but as soon as they took the stage, and the Horn section busted into "Our Only Weapon".... I was sold. That show was so much fun, I almost lost my pants..literally. I never danced, or probably even moved around so hard in my life. I felt at home and comfortable, and it was one of the best nights of my life. I can actually spread that to every Bosstones show, because I've never had a bad time seeing them, and I've seen them over 15x. Tours, Festivals... you name it. If the Bosstones are close, Im there. They are in my top 5 favorite bands of all time.

When: Started in '93... and I' lost count, but it has to be close to 15x at least.

Don't believe everything you've heard!

By the time I found the The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, they were just hitting their stride. They had a couple albums out, and were starting to tour alot. They were mind blowing live. They were dressed in plaid suits and looked ridiculous. They had a guy that just danced. Sometimes he would say a couple words, but most of the time he just bopped around on stage. Their lead singer had the coolest voice I had ever heard and they were playing heavy/punk rock.  BUT, they had horns? What the hell? My 8th grade mind couldn't fathom it.

This was my introduction to Ska music. Well, Ska-Core, as the Bosstones called it.

Some of the ska I had head before, but didn't realize it had its own "label". Plus, I was way more into the faster ska, mixed with the punk and heavy music than I was to the more traditional slow dance-y ska music.

Regardless, the Bosstones had me at first note. Their music has influenced alot of my musical taste, whether it be from similar sounding bands, to bands they brought on tour with them. I saw the Bosstones every year from 1993-2002. At least once a year. The Bosstones introduced me to ska-punk, and they also instilled the "you have to see them live" mantra into my soul. Without their live shows, I'm not sure the Bosstones would still be around.

This album was the album that had just come out, and I payed for the CD in change at Record Exchange. That is why I picked this record, but anything between "Devils Night Out" and "Question The Answers" could have taken its place easily.

In 1997, they blew up. They had a one-hit wonder that blasted them into the mainstream and thus making our little intimate shows, large mosh pits. Unfortunately for them, that didn't last. Fortunately for me, they're still making music and putting out fun records.  

The last time I saw the Bosstones was Riot Fest back in 2009. They play shows every once and a while, but don't tour like they used to.  Hopefully, one day Ill see them again....SOMEDAY!!