By Aaron

This is a picture of Karthik working on Programming with Java Script

Sonya-is working really hard programming

Aaron is always motivated to work and learn.

Devan is working hard on programming

Anesh loves to program



Why they chose Java Script

Ethan likes Technology, Aaron would like to learn the way of animation and make cool figures, Karthik thinks it sounds interesting doing all that code and programming, Era & Sonya would like to learn the way of programming and codes.

What do they like about Java Script

Devan likes that they can make cool figures, Ethan is a technology fan, Aaron likes that they teach him about animation and making cool figures, Karthik likes that they can create anything with codes, Sonya this it is fun because they get to experiment codes.

What they wish they could learn

Devan, Ethan, Aaron, Eva, Sonya would all like to learn how to make cool games.

He likes to the enthusiasm of and the hard work of the class room

What they are learning

This week they are learning many new ways to program from learning how to animate figures to programming a game to animating and much more. They have to tackle new challenges and find how to create figures. Then they have the biggest challenge. They have to program a game with the teacher.

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