Torts: Assault & Battery, Informed   Consent, and Invasion of Privacy!

By: Destiny Howard, Iris Briones, Justice Weaver, Joseph Roberts.

Assault and Battery: Touching, threatening, or forcing someone to do something without their consent. For example, trying to treat a patient after they have already refused it.


Informed Consent: The permission granted by the patient for the doctor to proceed with treatment after all the risks of the treatment have been explained. The patient is also allowed to refuse treatment at any time even after he/she gave consent. Example: Women can choose to have an epidural but change her mind when the doctor brings it in.


Invasion of Privacy: There are two ways to invade someones privacy, Physical and Informational. Physical being their body and Informational being paper work. Example: Physical- A patient is going into surgery and the nurse has their butt showing and its not supposed to be. Informational- The nurse sharing the clients personal information with other nurses.


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