DE Readiness Application

Make sure to complete it if you are wanting to teach online!

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In order to teach an online course for the first time, interested faculty members will need to complete certain requirements set forth by Academic Affairs. These requirements help ensure that CofC faculty are providing highest quality online courses to students.

The following is a break down of the mandatory requirements for faculty who plan to teach an online course for the first time.

  • Faculty must get written approval from their department chair to teach an online course.
  • All faculty must use the OAKS Learning Management System for their online courses, thus need to be proficient with the system. As a result, all faculty will need to complete the OAKS Self-Assessment Checklist in order to show mastery (see below for more details).
  • All faculty must complete the necessary training that includes one of the following:
    • Faculty DE Readiness course (fully online course) offered by Teaching, Learning and Technology. As a result, faculty will need to complete the DE Training Application in order to register for the course. (see below for more information)
    • Distance Education training at another Institution (Academic Affairs will independently verify training).

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