1/11/15 #SJSreports
Tail of Missing Flight 8501 Lifted, the Search for the Black Boxes Continues

by Macrina

an enhanced photo of the missing AirAsia plane

      The tail of AirAsia Flight 8501 was discovered on January 7 in the Java Sea by divers sent by Indonesia's National Search and Rescue (Yahoo News). The plane, which was carrying 162 passengers (of which 149 were Indonesians), had gone missing on December 28, 2014 (Cable News Network). At the time, ping-like sounds were detected in the area, leading investigators and the public to hope that the plane's black boxes were inside or under the tail of the plane, buried in mud; however, after fishing the mound of twisted rubble from the sea using inflatable balloons, the black boxes were not found in the remains of the tail or in its former location.The recovery of the black boxes is vital to answer countless questions that investigators and the public have, such as why the plane had crashed and why a distress signal was not emitted. These questions may be answered by studying the flight data taken from the jetliner and conversations between the pilot and copilot recorded by the cockpit microphones. Despite this unsuccessful mission to recover the missing boxes, investigators have renewed hope after detecting pings coming from about half a mile away from the crash site of the tail, leading to the conclusion that the boxes and the tail were separated upon the tail's impact on the sea's surface and that the black boxes might be close by (The Wall Street Journal). As of January 10, 2015, the black boxes for the plane will ping for seventeen more days before they run out of batteries; if they are not found within this length of time, it is likely that the search for the boxes-- and the answers-- will become most challenging, as divers would be seeking two small boxes that emit no sound and that will be as lifeless as the forty-eight bodies recovered so far in the investigation of Flight 8501.

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Below is a video that shows searchers pulling the tail from the sea.

In case of video malfunction, here is the YouTube link to the video above: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bblGMNg2sCw

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Below are pictures of the event.

This picture shows a diagram of a black box.
A special Muslim prayer service is held for flight 8501.
A piece of wreckage from the tail is held up in the victim identification room.
Searchers took pictures of the tail underwater before they brought it to the surface.
Victims of the crash are carried in coffins.
This is an areal view of the tail wreckage on one of the ships involved in retrieving it.

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