Boone's Bacon Burgers

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Business Overview

In my restaurant, we sell bacon burgers and milkshakes. This is a perfect place to eat out with friends and enjoy good tasty food. We make high quality burgers made with only the finest beef and milkshakes made with the freshest available ingredients. Set your tastebuds on a journey when you try one of our famous bacon burgers.

Cost and Selling Prices

It costs $2.50 to make each bacon burger and $1 to make each milkshake. I sell each bacon burger for $7.50 and each milkshake for $3.50.

They can be shown in these equations:

Cost- c=2.50x+1y

Sell- s=7.50x+3.50y

Financial Restriction

I am not aloud to spend more than $10,000 on the cost of my products and I cannot spend more than 3/4 of it on the production of one of the products.

Restriction Inequalities

x=# of bacon burgers produced y=# of milkshakes produced

x>0, 2.50x≤7,500

y>0, 1y≤7,500


Profit Equation

If it costs me $2.50 to make a bacon burger, and I sell them for $7.50 each, I make $5 profit for each burger sold. If it costs me $1 to make a milkshake, and I sell them for $3.50 each, I make $2.50 profit.

My profit can be displayed in this equation:

If P= Profit,




Maximize Profits

(0,0) P=5(0)+2.50(0) P=$0

(0,7500) P=5(0)+2.50(7500) P=$18,750

(10000,7500) P=5(10000)+2.50(75000) P=$68,750

(3000,2500) P=5(3000)+2.50(2500) P=$21,250

(3000,0) P=5(3000)+2.50(0) P=$15,000

I will maximize my profits if I sell 10,000 Bacon Burgers and 7,500 Milkshakes.

By Boone Evans 10/23/13