Thank You Ms. Roy

You made lots of effects for all of us this year and thank you!

Dear Ms. Roy,

This year has been a great year! With your hard work and efforts to help your students learn, I want to let you know that I appreciate everything you've done. There were many interesting activities that we did this year, but my favorite one was the egg drop project. For the egg drop project, it was my favorite because I liked watching everyone's egg drop and seeing that many people was successful but some people wasn't. One assignment that I felt that wasn't helpful was the chapter 8 directed reading worksheet that was for homework. Even though that it was easy homework grades, I felt like we didn't really learn from it. Even though that there were many laughs and fun along the way, there's one thing that I won't forget. I won't forget the static ball with everyone's hair "popping." I will never forget you because you were one of my favorite teachers! You are a wonderful person, and you care about your students. I hope you always remember me, and I will never forget you.


Erika Mohammed