With FIFA 15 now only a FIFA 15 Coins matter

With FIFA 15 now only a FIFA 15 Coins matter of days from release, EA Sports have made a demo of the title available for download across home consoles and PC. Although restricted to exhibition matches with a limited number of teams to choose from, we've still had time for plenty of kickabouts over the past 48 hours, and think we have a pretty good feel for how the full game should perform come September 23.

Over the last few months, EA have expended a lot of their promotional efforts in touting the introduction of their Emotion & Intensity engine, designed to bring a more true-to-life, involved experience to FIFA players. Indeed, one of the first things we noticed when playing a match on the demo was how players naturally responded to in-game events. Whether it's pushing an opponent following a badly-timed tackle or cursing a team-mate when they squander a last-minute chance, over 600 emotional reactions have been implemented in FIFA 15; with facial expressions and body language letting players know the emotions of each of the 22 players on the pitch.