52 IN 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

Week 19/Album 19

Fugazi - Fugazi EP

When: 1989-90ish

Why: Lets talk about luck.

An 11 year old Ryan finds a cassette tape in a locker at Winterhurst Ice Rink after an open skate. The Cassette tape is blank. No case.  I popped it in my Walkman, rewound side A, and pressed play.  The bass line for "Waiting Room" hits and I was mesmerized. This was way different than the stuff I was listening to at the time. It was right in the middle of the crazy goofy punk and the heavier rock stuff I was listening to. The singer didn't really sing, he kinda scream-talked. I couldn't stop listening, and couldn't help but scream-talk along.  I had this blank tape without knowing who it was for about 3 years! Finally, I got the "13 songs" tape when I started to really get into punk rock, and was finally able to put a name to the music. Fugazi. Still have that blank tape.

When: Never got the chance to see them, but I think they still have one more go-round in them one day.

Just listen.

Fugazi is one of those bands that everyone had something good to say about them. If you were into punk rock/hardcore, Ian MacKaye had some kind of influence on it. Whether it was from Minor Threat or Fugazi, everyone I know can trace their love of punk/hardcore to an Ian MacKaye band. Fugazi was a brilliant band and ahead of its time. They were emotionally charged activists. They didn't care about what you thought about them, or their music. They had songs that the crowd could sing along with and probably the best start-stops in punk rock.  At 11 years old, and even at 14 when I revisited this record and started to understand the music I was listening it was hard to conceptualize the importance of this band.  They are the reason alot of the bands in my generation play music.  Their lyrics were powerful, once you understood what they were saying, and hell, Even the cover is iconic.