Mistletoe - Kaylla and Skyler

Leafy, parasitic flowering vine that grows on the branches or trunk of a tree.

Parasitic plant

Can cause branches to die back. Draw a lot of water from their hosts. Lead to premature death either directly or indirectly through secondary disease or insect infestations.

Pruning an infected branch kills the mistletoe on that branch. Cannot eliminate mistletoe from a tree unless all infected limbs are removed.

Cut the infected limbs 1-2 feet below the plant, because mistletoe roots may extend up to a foot on either side of the point of attachment. Breaking off the tops will only encourage regrowth.

No cost.

Mechanical control through pruning is the most effective method for removal.

1. For trees with new or minor infections, removal of the infected branches is recommended at least 12 inches and preferably 24 inches inward from the point of attachment; and removal of infected branches and mistletoe plants from other trees in the area recommended. After removal, monitor the tree for additional infections and remove branches and mistletoe as necessary.

2. For trees with moderate infections, removal of the exposed portion of the mistletoe plant from the branches is recommended.

3. Trees with extensive infections, remove mistletoe from tree.

4. When a substantial number of new trees are being planted, remove mistletoe from the surrounding trees to reduce the potential for infections of new trees.