Changes Of The West

In 1848, pioneers and Chinese citizens all moved Westward for many different reasons. Chinese citizens moved Westward because even though they knew that this was going to be dangerous, they wanted to take a high risk of traveling towards the west to pan for gold. They were willing to risk there lives just to get some real gold.
The pioneers wanted to move Westward because they had spotted new land that way which was around California, New Mexico, Oregon, and parts of Texas. There, they would be the first new settlers because this was newly added land over that way.

By late 1830's a farmer who lived in New York founded "The Church Of Jesus Christ Of latter- Pay Saints". The people who belonged to this church were named the "Mormons". The Mormons were a large group of settlers. Smith was not favored by the Non- Mormons because of the things they teaches and the fact that having more than one wife and believing that property should be owned in common with each other.

As everyone else was the Mormons began to move Westward. While they were there, they built a community called the "Nauvoo".  While they were there they chose a new leader. It is "Brigham Young". He was a great leader. In 1847 Young led an expedition to Salt Lake. He was hoping this would be a safer place for them all. In Salt Lake City Young came up with an irrigation system which would bring water to farmers land.

By 1850, Young became first governor of the Utah Territory land. Young took over as many Mormons moved in and after everyone had moved in there was small trouble, but with a great leader Young controlled them all and in 1896 Utah became a state.

Not to long after Utah became a state, a man named John Sutter was a man on the look out for some real gold. He was so serious about looking for gold that he built his own sawmill and had people supervise it for him. People all over the world started coming to California because all of the gold was there.

In the begging gold was easy to find because there was so much of it, but after everyone had came and looked for it, there was hardly any left. Gold was the key to money for most people and when gold became scarce to everyone it was bad because that's what most people lived on to pay for things was, gold, but when gold was high there were thousands of different cultures coming to California just for gold! California became popular after the Gold Rush.  

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