1. This is one of the tropics located in argentina were most tourist retreat to some of these beautiful places . some are made into resorts when others are Kemp for day to day areas for spas and other places such as trails ,etc.  

2. The weather in argentina is usually is extreme ,Throughout the country January is the warmest while June and July are the coldest. The mean annual temperature in Buenos Aires is 16oF, in the extreme north the Chaco area comes in at about 73oF.  

3. In Argentina the hotels are open to everyone tourist and natives most hotels can hold up to thousands of people tourist especially. Tourist usually like to explore the country in the morning and in the early evening they sometimes enjoy some of its delicacies. and once the sun fades they would maybe like a night swim in the complementary pools .

4. Argentina is an important cultural pole, with countless museums and art galleries, besides its vigorous theater community.There are two typical music styles in the country, representing two different regions.The tango ,and folklore. Most Argentinians fill there lives with fun and vibrant colors.

5. Beef is the national dish of Argentina.In Argentina there are many exotic dishes that interest the visitors of Argentina every time they interact with the local restaurants and food stands.

6. one of the  camp sites is El Palmar National Park.
In northeast Argentina, near the Uruguay border. This national park was founded to protect the habitat of the palma, a type of palm tree threatened by overgrazing cattle. Wonderful wildlife observation, but wear boots to avoid death by snakebite -- the park is home to three different venomous snake species.

7. The Historical places of Argentina consists of a various historical sites that enrich the cultural heritage gained by the country from its worth remembering history.

9. Most of the shops in Argentina are vary different from Americas. In America most of are stores are located in malls are small shops on streets located inside of buildings. In Argentina most shops or stores are located outside with the community.

10.     1. dont forget your ipod It is very expensive to buy electronic goods in Argentina, so remember to take your iPod, smartphone, laptop, etc.

              2.Spend a Few Days Seeing the Less-Visited Sights There are a few classic attractions to see upon arrival in Argentina (Caminito Street, La Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo, Retiro Cemetery, San Telmo market), and you will find all of these in the guidebooks.

           3.Get Up-To-Date Information At the moment, the exchange rate is roughly $1USD to $4.5 ARS.

11. Violent crime Distraction thefts and violent crime are an issue in Argentina.

      Civil unrest Protests and demonstrations occur regularly in Argentina, particularly in Buenos Aires.

        safty be vigilant about personal security and avoid walking alone and at night.

The Argentinian flag

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