Advice I would have for people or my friends to feel more positive when they're feeling sad or when life is getting hard, I would tell them to stay strong and to not stress so much about it. Even if it's hard, don't put your head so down low, put it high up and have hopes. Things are going to change. They still have me, and I'm always there for them. When they're feeling low down so low, I'll be there to unlock their struggles and bring their smile back to them by being a great friend.

Things I'm greatful for..

1. I am greatful of my parents, who courage me on everything. They been there for me through thick and thin and is always loving for who I am, or what I'm always enjoying doing.

2. I am greatful of Education because it makes me successful in the future and having knowledge is a good thing. I am greatful of having education because it can lead me to many different ways.

3. I am greatful for having lots of friends in my life because they're like family to me, and we been there for each other like sisters and brothers. We never look down.