Promoting Wellness

-Practicing good nutrition habits to promote wellness will provide  heat, promote growth, strengthen tissues, and regulate body processes.

-Physical activities can increase fitness levels and can help control functions of the body such as cholesterol levels.

-Having frequent examinations can help prevent obtaining chronic illnesses or diseases

-Managing stress(whether good or bad) is important to maintain your well being. One's blood pressure and heart rate can increase when releasing a burst of energy. This can cause opposite reactions to occur, as well as fatigue. He or she should take steps to avoid stress build up by saying no, exercising, avoiding negative people & intense topics, keep healthy eating habits, and keep a list.

-Food groups


¡6-8 oz. per day

¡fiber-rich: % of daily value

l10-19% good

l20% excellent

lHalf of daily intake should be whole grain

Food groups


¡1 1/2 – 2 cups per day


¡2-3 cups per day


¡5-7 oz. per day

lEx. 1 oz. of meat = 1 serving


¡3 servings per day

lEx. 1 cup of milk = 1 serving

Other guidelines:

-Sodium – less than 2,300 mg of sodium daily (1 tsp)

-Potassium – consume

potassium-rich foods





-Food safety

lClean hands, surfaces and food products

lSeparate raw and cooked food

lRefrigerate food properly

lAvoid unpasteurized milk, eggs, and juice

lAvoid raw meat and


How much?

lAt least 30 minutes most days of the week at 50-85% of maximum heart rate.

lCan be done in 10-15 minute sessions

What type?

lBrisk walking, jogging, bicycling

lModerate walking for pleasure, gardening, housework

Risk Factors of Wellness

The risk factors that affect wellness include: Self destructive behavior, the environment, and genetics.

Self destructive behavior such as:

-drug abuse

-alcohol abuse

-irresponsible sexual behavior

- physical inactivity

-unhealthy eating habits

Environmental factors might include exposure to certain chemicals and materials. Sanitation issues in the environment can also affect wellness.

Genetics play a major part the results of wellness when birth defects and family history is included.

Understanding the Elements of Wellness

-Consider your environmental, physical,mental, and emotional states in order to maintain your well being.

-Keep your morals, values and ethics in mind

-Learn from life experiences

-Use creativity to solve problems

-Keep an open mind

-Be honest and affectionate when interacting with others

Complementary health practices

Combining alternative health practices and conventional medical practices promote well ness by using chiropractic services, herbal remedies, massage therapy, and relaxation techniques.

-Any healing outside of traditional medicines can be effective

-Have a cultural basis

-Chiropractic- exercising and lifestyle counseling that will manipulate the spine, joints, and soft tissues

-Herbal remedies are based on extracts from plants

-Massage therapy aims to promote relaxation by using tension, pressure, motion, and vibration

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