Beautiful Architecture

What is Architecture?

In this first chapter, John Klein and David Weiss define software architecture by examining the subject through the perspectives of quality concerns and architectural structures.
This book provides you with detailed examples of beautiful architectures drawn from the fields of computerized systems, a relatively young discipline. Because we are young, we have fewer examples to emulate than fields such as building, music, or writing, and therefore we need them even more. This book intends to help fill that need.
We then proceed to a definition of architecture and show how we can apply that definition to software architecture, since software is central to many of the later examples. Key to the definition is that an architecture consists of a set of structures designed to let the architects, builders, and other stakeholders see how their concerns are satisfied.

Mendoza López José Hilario                   Group: 4-02                 Date: February-14th-2015

Comprehension Architectural Documents in English          Arq. Cesar Augusto Covarrubias

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