Do not wait to strike ‘till the Iron is hot; but make it hot by striking

Sales Pitch:

Iron is a very interesting element, without it you cannot survive yet most people don't know that they need it. And not only that but most people just think that it is just used to make tools and such items but it is actually quite useful in many other ways. For example other than being used in your body and to make tools, weapons and other items, it is used to give people jobs. Such as blacksmiths or nurses, and I know nurses? Well, because iron is used in our blood people donate theirs to hospitals and other places to help people get the iron they need to stay alive. See without it you cannot survive in more was than one.

Properties & Common uses:

Some of the properties of iron include  1) It is a silvery-white or grayish metal.  (2) The boiling point of pure iron is about 5,400 degree Fahrenheit and its melting point is 2,797 degree Fahrenheit. (3) Iron is very workable which means that it can be worked upon to get into a desired shape or thickness. (4) Besides Nickel and Cobalt, Iron is one of the three naturally occurring magnetic elements. Iron has an atomic number of 26 and atomic mass of 55.847 amu. (5) Iron is located in Period 4 and Group 8.

Also iron is commonly used to make all different kinds of products such as vehicles, steel, building supports, airplanes, ships (fishing and trade), office supplies (staples, nails, and paper clips), computers, furniture, the list goes on. And iron is also in your body without it you cannot survive.

My rank for each one as you can see is quiet high therefore showing that iron is a much needed item for survival. I gave five stars in biological need because iron is used in your body to make red blood cells, or hemoglobin which is the main protein in red blood cells. Hemoglobin carries oxygen throughout the body, so without iron, the tissues, muscles, and other systems do not receive enough oxygen, and cannot function properly. This leads to fatigue, poor health, and possible death.

For social need I gave four stars because iron can be a very useful in trade and you can use it to show people how to make items out of it. For example if you don't trade it or if your trying to, you could charge people other items (instead of money) for you to teach them different ways to use the iron (like a blacksmith). Kind of like showing off the product or finding different ways to use it.

For functional need I gave iron five stars because like I said earlier you need it everyday to live, you can use it in different ways to make a profit, and you can make tool and other items out of it.

Lastly for defensive need I gave iron three and a half stars because you can use it to make tools/ weapons but if you don't know how to make tools or weapons out of it then it is no use to you in that way. And also you would have a limited choice as to what weapons you could actually make only using iron. But because of its high rankings in the other categories it makes up for what it lacks in this one.

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