Etiquette Assinment

By: Chyenne Lewis

answer all the questions that are given politely and it is important because they could think you are being rude when you answer it impolitely.

use proper spelling and gammer in your sentences it can be mistaken because of spelling you can be reported for online screaming if you use all caps.

get to the point do not send five messages at once it can be rude and disrespectful don't do that people will think you are being rude.

answer swiftly answer don't answer choppy answer like you are making sense not where you cant understand what you are reading.

make what you are saying personal not publicly speaking say it to the people you want to hear it.

be careful formatting your information don't attach any files that have viruses on them.

you must avoid using important and urgent and do use please read don't do it in all caps.

don't attach any unnecessary files that will not do you must not do that at all they will think you are being rude.

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