Second Quarter ScrapESbook

United Kingdom and United States : 5 ways to prosper in the global economy for a sustainable economy.

Businesses that are seeking ways to prosper in the global economy should look to build supply chains that are protean, those capable of rapid adaptation to the changing market conditions. The core of a company could be seen through supply chains which is the parts or ingredients sourced from suppliers. They are then manufactured or assembled into products, and then delivered to customers. There are multiple developments feeding into the growth of protean supply chains. Th five most important are as follows:

1. Demand Driven- Companies are now switching to demand signals as the basis for production and replenishment planning. An example is a product bar code. When the barcode is scanned, this signals a purchase that is fed into special software that recalibrates manufacturing and replenishment requirements.

2. Customer segmentation- Individual customers have unique demands and some generate more revenue or profits to the business than others giving the company an opportunity to match supply chain processes and service levels to discrete customers.

3. Centralise supply chain information- Knowing what parts suppliers have on hand, and the whereabouts of both parts and finished products in the pipeline.

4. Supply chain analytics- Companies are using special analytical software to gain operational insights that enable action determining the right chain response Today it also offers solutions to problems byanticipating future events and responses to those events.

5. The 'omnichannel' challenge- More consumers shop online and expect home delivery. This is a challenge when retailers have to support supply chains for both physical and virtual stores.

I do not pay attention to politics and the economy too much so I rarely notice any changes in the economy other than the price of gas. I did not know what factors actually can effect the economy until I read this article. The idea of the supply chain brings to mind Henry Ford's revolutionary idea of the assembly line except this time it will make the world more efficient. I believe that if every company were to use the supply chain, we would constantly have a good economy and not have to worry about any fluctuation. I believe that the five developments that they provided would help each company, overall helping the economy. However I do not believe that every compnay is able to do this based on their sizes. A lot of the big companies would be able to encorporate these in their systems with ease. Their are definitely more small companies than large, but the larger companiues are usually the ones that control the fluctuation of the economy. Overall I believe that this could fix economic problems not only in the U.S. bu the world. These are just tips however so it is up to the companies to put these developments to use.

US Department of Energy earmarks $25 million for biofuel research.

"US Department of Energy earmarks $25 million for biofuel research." Energy Monitor Worldwide [Amman, Jordan] 3 Oct. 2014. Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources. Web. 10 Dec. 2014.

The Department of Energy'd goal is to reduce the cost of algal biofuels to less than $5 per gasoline gallon equivalent by 2019. This funding will then be used toward the development of a bio-economy that can help create green jobs, spur innovation, improve the environment, and achieve national energy security. Algae biomass can be converted to advanced biofuels offering alternatives to petroleum-based diesel and jet fuels. It can also be used to make other valuable bio-products, such as industrial chemicals, bio-based polymers, and proteins. Due to cultivation, harvesting, and conversion to fuels, these products need to be overcome to achieve the Department's target of $3 per gge for advanced algal biofuels by 2030. The funding will support projects in two topic areas: Topic Area 1 awards ranging from $5--10 million and focusing on the development of algae cultures that produce valuable bio-products. Topic Area 2 awards ranging from $0.5--1 million and focusing on the development of crop protection or carbon dioxide utilization technologies. The projects have had some recent accomplishments however. Four algae projects that were announced for funding last year have started work in California, Hawaii, and New Mexico. These projects each are receiving from $1.5 million to $5 million from the Energy Department and are aimed at boosting the productivity of algae as a way to reduce cost. Neste Oil agreed to purchase algae crude oil from Renewable Algal Energy, LLC who first proved the viability of algal oil harvesting and extraction technologies with Energy Department funds. The Cornell Consortium reached the Bioenergy Technologies Office's milestone of improvement in algal productivity. The National Alliance of Advanced Biofuels and Bio-products released a report detailing a combination of research advancements that have the potential to reduce the cost of algae-based biofuels. Two reports from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory helped achieve the goals to reduce costs by clarifying what the greatest challenges are.

This was another article that I chose solely due to my lack of knowledge on the topic. I did not know what algal biofuel was or even used cor so I decided this would be a good topic to research. I looked up algal biofuel and found out that it is diesel fuel sourced from algae. Because cars are beginning to run on these biofuels more and more today, this is a very topic that that many people should take notice to. I believe that the main thing holding back people from going out and getting cars that run on these biofuels is the actual price of the biofuel. High prices have and always will effect peoples willingness to buy or even try a product. Why would I buy a new car just to pay more for gas when my car is the exact same except it runs on gasoline. This is the biggest problem that these dealers face and are trying to overcome.  However, this article brings to light the pushes that the U.S. department of energy is making to develop these biofuels at a low cost resulting in lowe sale prices. I never believe that money is going to waste as long as it is being used to better your life and I feel that these discoveries will benefit everyones life.


For my second quarter ScrapESbook, I decided to go to the Chicago high school of agricultural sciences and visit the barn animals. Growing up behind the Ag School, I have went and seen the animals they have multiple times since I moved to Mt. Greenwood back when I was in first grade. What I have realized, however, is that I have only seen the animals during the day. I could have created a boring experience, visiting the animals during the day, but instead I thought that it would be great for this project to go see how they act during the night time. The animals have always been pretty active during daytime hours, but I expected the animals to be much less active possibly even be sleeping. The only animals that they had out were the horses and chickens. The first thing that shocked me was how all the chickens were up and roaming their pen. I figured that they would be in their little house sleeping, but instead they were wide awake. The roosters usually make alot of noise during the day, but at night they did not make any noise. The horses were all in their stable except for one of them which I pictured above. I figured that the horses would all be in their stable not only because it was dark, but because it was a pretty cold night. The one horse that was out did notice us however, and actually walked as close as it could to us. I did not really expect to see any animals so I was surprised by the results.

I have always been fascinated with farm animals ever since I was a young adolescent. At my cottage in Michigan. we pass multiple farms and I have always been intrigued by them. We also attend the annual county fairs where farmers display their animal. They display sheep, cows, goats, chickens, pigs, and horses. You are able to walk up and pet the animals in their stalls, except for the goats where you are able to walk in the small petting zoo. After realizing how much I actually like animals, I also realized how uneducated I was on barn animals which has influenced my recent intrest in going and seeing the animals at the Ag school. The other day a couple girls from the Ag school were riding in a small chariot around the fields being pulled by the school's pony. I decided it wouldn't hurt to ask if I could go for a ride and to my surprise, they let me. It was a great experience only strengthening my lust for a horse of my own. I have always wanted to have a pet goat or a horse even up to this day. One day I may get the chance to get one, but right now I think I should just stick to educating myself on the animals so if that one day does come, I will be ready.