Navin Raheja- The Entrepreneur

Navin M Raheja, a first-generation entrepreneur, today, the company enjoys a strong presence in the NCR and stands apart as it offers luxury at a reasonable cost. Raheja Developers works with some of the best contractors in the world to ensure our clients receive a high-quality product, well in time. Raheja Developers have always strived to work for customer satisfaction like no other, and ensure to make the customer happy by innovative ways. Today Raheja Developers is one of the largest real estate companies in India, with projects over 60 million sq.ft at various stages of execution. The group has managed to deliver an approximate 29.5 million sq.ft of mainly residential and commercial projects, including farmhouses, plotted development and hotel properties and over 15.50 million sq.ft under advanced stages of construction. This company has managed to earn the highest customer satisfaction index. Navin M Raheja is the first developer to undertake slum rehabilitation at 2800 families in the heart of New Delhi, thus changing lives of almost twenty thousand poor people by giving them toilets and other modern day facilities. He is the first developer in the country to provide free education, nutrition, clothing and medical care to hundreds of underprivileged children of laborers, as an endeavor to make them better citizens. Navin M Raheja is the most awarded developer in India for the last three consecutive years. Navin M Raheja’s stewardship and the dedication at his team has enabled Raheja Developers to emerge as one of India’s top real estate company, bagging over 80 prestigious national and international awards. The projects like Raheja Shilas, Raheja Vedaanta, Raheja Revanta and Raheja Oma are Independent floors. Atlantis Villas, Raheja Arabella are the Villa options. Raheja Revanta Royalty, Raheja Atharva, Raheja Vedas, Raheja Navodaya, Raheja Sampada, Raheja Atlantis and Raheja Raisina are the projects in the form of apartments being offered by Raheja Developers.

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2 years ago

Navin Raheja is the ultimate entrepreneur of indian real estate. He has taken the real estate sector to another level. His contributions and achievements are applaudable. Raheja Developers projects like revanta, atharva, oma, ayana all are lavish at affordable prices.