U.S.A Road Trips

Clouds moving through the mountains

Grand Tetons, Colorado. It was absolutely stunning! It started off a sunny day and slowly but surely, the clouds and rain closed in and poured down. This was just after the rain had stopped but the clouds and fog were still as heavy as ever. No editing has been made to this picture and the mountains still look as breathtaking.

The sky after a crazy storm.

North Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. A few nights were spent up in north Yellowstone and there was another crazy storm! We arrived mid afternoon to our motel and there ended up being foul smelling problems with our room, so we (very politely) complained and they, being very resistant about it, moved us to a different room that was overlooking the massive river! It was extremely gorgeous and very LOUD! I loved it so much I would go back if I could.

Grand Tetons, Colorado. This was probably only half an hour after the giant storm that came through the mountains. Very beautiful and picturesque. The clouds came and went all in about an hour and a half, it was very fast and moved right in front of your eyes.


Flaming Gorge, Utah. DINOSAURS!! This certain area was inhabited by dinosaurs when they were alive many billions of years ago. This stop took forever to drive up to as it was incredibly steep and there were so many cars traveling up the narrow road. It was an incredible feeling, standing on the the edge of the cliff and to feel the wind whip around you, absolutely amazing, there is nothing like it.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. There were so many elk in the park it was amazing! Their antlers look fuzzy when you get closer too them and it looks completely strange to see. The landscape was absolutely gorgeous and beautiful to drive through.

Yellowstone National Park Canyon, Wyoming. Stunning, absolutely stunning. No words can describe this location. The river flowed off a giant waterfall and ran down the valley to raging rapids. Very relaxing and pretty to watch.

Buffalo Bill Dam, Wyoming. We found this dam after we had left a little town called Cody, and on the way to Yellowstone. We thought we would stop and see what it was as no one had pulled off the road to see it and I'm so glad we did! You could feel the mist of the water spray upwards from the force of the water coming down.

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