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Exonerated Inmates

Exonerated inmates are average people like you and me, who have been of capital crimes and put on death row and later found to be wrongly convicted. Some before they're execution, but most after with little to no remorse for the exonerated.

Kirk Bloodsworth

Kirk Bloodsworth was an Ex Marine who was convicted of the vicious rape and murder of Dawn Hamilton, spending most of his adult Life in prison. Kirk Bloodsworth's conviction was based on young children's descriptions of a six foot five tall male with a rugged look. His exoneration was particularly different due to Bloodsworth being the first inmate to be Proven not Guilty by DNA testing.

Anothey Porter

Porter was convicted of a double homicide, later he was found not guilty because of the killer coming forth. After he was scheduled to be executed, the judge halted and later stopped his execution after testing his IQ level, which was found to be 51.

The Height

Present Day 143 inmates have been exonerated, 18 of which have been through DNA testing. BloodWorth was the first to be exonerated through DNA testing.

Factors leading to wrongful convictions include:

  • Inadequate legal representation
  • Police and prosecutorial misconduct
  • Perjured testimony and mistaken eyewitness testimony
  • Racial prejudice
  • Jailhouse "snitch" testimony
  • Suppression and/or misinterpretation of mitigating evidence
  • Community/political pressure to solve a case

Connecting The Two!

The Crucible and the topic of exonerated inmates are closely related in the fact that The Crucible had the suppression of evidence just as in Anthony Porter's case. As well as the use of children's "evidence" to be used to accuse a person.

The Ongoing Struggle

There is no end to this so called "witch hunt" in present day. There is always going to be some type of error in the American Judicial System.

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