Southern Colonies

Where the Climate is Warm and the Colonists Warmer


The Southern Colonies  have a great economy,we encompass the colonies of Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Maryland. We are  based on a variety of different things. The main thing down here in the south is farming. We grow cotton and tobacco. Many plantations and farms dot the landscape of our beautiful land. We also have rich trade routes that run up and down the colonies. If you move here you won't just get to live the quiet farm life, you also get to live a rich life.


Down here in the South we get to enjoy the warm summers with plenty of sunshine. Our mild winters allow for longer growing seasons, allowing you to get more bang for your buck.


The industry down here in the South is based primarily on farming tabacco and cotton. We also do some iron mining. The industrial farming means that one plantation gets huge amounts of land, allowing you to plant more crops.  

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