how long does it take to get a horse ready for a rodeo?

It takes time and dedication to get a horse ready to rodeo. Get to know your horse and build a trust .  1st ride your horse around  to get use to ride your horse.  then take it around the desired event like barrels or poles learn the pattern at a walk and work the speed up. now that you have learned the patterns go to a trial rodeo and get your horse at least in the arena. don't get frustrated if your horse does not do what you want it to give your horse time to get use to it new surroundings never know your horse is probably really scared  


1st time riding your horse


when it is your first time riding your horse. It might be very helpful it you start off in a round pen with someone leading you. now after you have gotten use to riding your horse  go on a trail ride and explore your land.


Training a horse

when training  your horse. THE FIRST THING YOU SHOULD DO  is bond with your horse. Don't think your ms perfect and hop on.  cause  more  than likely your gonna fall off if you do that.  training your horse is going to take a lot

when you first get a horse

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