KC Chiefs

By: Jake C.

I don't know about you but I love the Chiefs. My favorite player Is Jamaal Charles, he is one of the franchise's best running backs.  He is number 25. If you have never seen him you should. He is so fast! It makes sense because in high school he was a sprinter. He is also tough because he has suffered many injuries but still keeps playing. That is why Jamaal  Charles is my favorite player.

Back to the chiefs, my second favorite player is Tamba Hali. He is one of the Chief's defensive ends. He is a great combo with Justin Houston. They are both really good.

Tamba Hali & Justin Houston

Alex Smith is my third favorite player for the Chiefs. He is their starting quarter back. Their second string quarter back is Chase Daniel. He used to play for Mizzou.

Alex Smith

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3 years ago

LOL love that linebacker