Driving under influence of any kind is not safe!

Think and drive, not drink and drive.

Some Facts:

          - "Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 16 to 25 year olds, and alcohol and/or drugs are a factor in 55% of those crashes."- MADD canada.

          - "Every 53 minutes in America, someone is killed in a drunk driving crash." -Dosomething.org

          - "An estimated 32% of fatal car crashes involve an intoxicated driver or pedestrian." -ncadd.org

If you drive under the influence, you could:

         -kill or injure yourself

         -kill or injure other passengers or pedestrians

         -get a fine

         -wreck your or someone elses car

         -get you lisence taken away

         -and more

You are not just putting yourself in danger...think of others before you sit behind the wheel.