Comparing Heroes

The true story of Matt, Ariel, And Deamonte

Similarities and Differences of 3 Heroes

These three heroes have a lot of differences, but they also have a few similarities. All of these characters' homes have been hit by a hurricane, but Mat and Ariel's home went though Hurricane sandy, while Deamonte's home went through Hurricane Katrina. Even though they were all minors, Deamonte was the youngest. So, in my opinion, Deamonte was very brave for his age and took on a lot of responsibility to watch over a handful of little kids that were younger than him.

              Above is Deamonte Love and the five toddlers he watched over.

    Above is a picture of Ariel Creamer with boxes full of items that were donated.

Above is Matt Corrigan. He was only 16 when he saved multiple lives.

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