George Milton


All I wanted was...

to own a house

to own animals

to have a farm

to not be bossed around

to have friends

But I didn't want...


to hurt Lennie

to constantly be moving

to be lonely

to have enemies

  • George tells others that him and Lennie are cousins, even though they aren't.
  • George is rude to Lennie sometimes, but even though he can be mean, he loves and thinks of Lennie like a brother.
  • George is harsh to people he doesn't know because he doesn't want to get into trouble, but throughout the book some of his actions indicate that he is afraid to be alone.
  • George treats Lennie with disrespect often, but tells others that he is a good person.
  • When George talks to Slim, he is very respectful and is aware of his actions and words.
  • When George interacts with Candy, he is hesitant, and careful with his words, but still respectful.

These sentences support that George puts on a "tough guy" act around almost everyone. On occasion, however, he opens up about how he doesn't want to be alone, and that he has hope for a better life.

George affects the plot throughout the book because he is a main character and is responsible for Lennie. Without George helping Lennie and making decisions, the events in the book most likely wouldn't have happened.

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