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Leaders Name: Shinzo Abe

Capital: Tokyo

Population: 127,103,388

Official Language: Japanese

Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Type of Economy: Capitalism

Country's GDP per capita: 35,200

Country's GDP Rank in the world: 3

Literacy Rate: 99%

Life Expectancy M/F: 80/86

Type of Currency: yen

Currency compared to the dollar: 0.0092

Tokyo Olympics Stadium

Tokyo Olympics

January 1, 1964                                                                                                       The summer Olympics were held in Tokyo. The games were originally suppose to be hosted in Japan but the Second World War interrupted. The 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo.

Japan's Independence

January 1, 1952                                                                                                                 Japan became an independent country nation once again after America ended its occupation in the region.

Japan's Economy

January 1, 1980                                                                                                                Japan surpasses England and becomes the second largest economy in the world.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is a tower in Tokyo that was inspired by the Eiffel Tower design. Most people climb the tower for a view of the city.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. People climb the mountain for the experience and view. It usually takes about 3-8 hours to climb.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

The Tokyo Imperial Palace is where the Emperor of Japan lives. Inside there is a museum, pictures, and more for people to look at. Most people go to look around.

Toyota Prius Assembly Line in Japan

One company located in Japan is Toyota. The Toyota company manufactures cars. Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world's largest vehicle manufacturer. Toyota conducts its business worldwide with 50 overseas manufacturing companies in 26 countries and regions. Toyota's vehicles are sold in more than 170 countries and regions under the Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino brands.

Agricultural Imports and Exports in Japan

Japan's Economy

I feel Japan's Economy is successful because they have a good government, and Japan is the worlds third largest automobile manufacturing country. To improve Japan's Economy they can accept more agricultural imports. If Japan accepts more agricultural imports, then it will have closer relations and trade volume will rise.

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