A day in Life in Indonesia

530 A.M Putu Dela Apsari she wakes up for school in the dark. The sunlight comes up so quick and she has breakfast with her sister. They have rice,chicken, and vegetables with an iced chocolate drink

700 A.M in Indonesia When they have time they like to play gamalan a traditional balinese music with her dad which takes a lot of practice

10:00 A.M They usaully study reading,writing,math,and science

12:00 P.M She says school starts early and ends early,She goes six days a week and when she walks home from school when she gets home her dog blackie is waiting for her.

1:00 P.M Her and her sister try to nap for a few hours during the day because its too hot to even think about doing anything outside

3:00 P.M there dad picks them up from dance class they get back home and watch t.v. and play blackie and have a cool drink.

7:00 A.M I wake up for school

7:15 A.M I eat breakfast

8:15 A.M. Im in History class

12:00 A.M. Im eating lunch at school

2:45 P.M Im getting out of school

330 P.M I get off the bus

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