Power is a Large Part of American History

By: Melanie & Daphne

(connection to the dance industry is at the bottom of this tackk)

There are many reasons why Power in America played a big role in getting things accomplished and advance the way our country was running.

Reasons Include:

  • It is how people protect their country.
  • It is how people control what happens in their country.
  • it is how people decide whats best for their country.
  • It is how people gather resources.
  • it is how people gain control over other countries.
  • It is how people join together to accomplish something.
  • It is how people get torn a part.

Examples to Prove

The women in America fought a lot for their freedom but the only time they ever made progress was when they had a leader like Susan B. Anthony who gained power and got the people together to accomplish the freedom rights.

President Truman decided that the United States and other democratic nations should align to stop the spread of Communism. Truman made this decision based on what he thought was best for his country and to help control other countries and their decisions.  

The oil and and steel companies changed so that they could make more resources. It was all because of Andrew Carnegie and John Rockefeller because they had so much power to control how the advancements in steel and oil evolved.

Stalin used his power to spread Communism and to make the Soviet Union bigger and strong. His power made it possible to get the people together and fight for what they thought was the right thing.  

The Soviet Union, America and other allies all had nuclear weapons. The leaders that chose to allow nuclear weapons to be used knew that they would be very dangerous, but they thought that that was the only way to win this fight. The fact that they got what they wanted they thought was the best result in the end of the wars. They made this decision based on what was the best for their country in the end.   

Martin Luther King Jr. gained more and more power to fight for equal rights for his race. This power helped the people come together to gain equality and allowed others to see that all people are people and should be equal.  

The environmental protection agency proves this point because the government and the president of the agency thought that this is what was best for the country. Also, this brought people together to save the environment and help the trees.

Rosa Parks fought against this system of power because she was someone that had little to no power and got everyones attention to gain equality. In the end though the people that had had lots of power made the final decisions on how people were to be treated.  

The space race was thought to be a time to prove how much power a country really had. As countries fought for this power, they were worried that if another country got into space first they would send spies into their country.

Stagflation is a a time where unemployment rates were high. People with the most power controlled what all happened in the country. Those people helped get people more jobs and helped people continue their life although it was a hard life.  

Connection to The Dance Industry

People were being controlled by the power of others in their country. Although there were many benefits to this shown through the examples above, some people did not like that they did not have much power. Dance was and still is a way for people to express their feelings freely. If someone did not agree with a decision that another person with higher power made they could express their feelings through dance or any other form of art.