Lauren Oliver

Protagonist: Lena Morgan Jones

Also working with Lena are the sympathizers and resisters. These people oppose the government, and now the DFA as well, and refuse the cure. Lena and the people she is 'working' with  are known by others as invalids. The people who Lena will become closest to are Raven and Tack and one other person that might just surprise you. Read the book to find out.

"Annabel Gilles Haloway. The Crypts. Ward Six, Solitary Confinement. Level 8 Agitator. 5996"

The cure.

Antagonist: The cured people

The government. The DFA. Regulators. Patrols. Guards. Thomas Fineman. The people inside the borders who follow regulations and laws that are everything that Lena does not believe in, these are the people that Lena must face. As a resister, Lena must work with these people all though she despises of all their ways and most importantly, she will be member of the DFA. Thomas Fineman is the leader of the DFA and a person whom Lena does not care to interact with as he wants everything that Lena despises.

New York.

Then. Now. Pandemonium takes place with Lena's situation then and now. The then chapters of the book are a direct continuation of the previous book in this series, Delirium, and are set in the Wilds. These chapters take you through the journey of Lena living in the Wilds in her new life where 'before' is not talked about. The leader of the homestead that Lena is taken to is a woman by the name of Raven. Throughout these chapters you "watch" Lena's relationship with Raven, and the other homesteaders, begin to grow. In the beginning, Lena does not do much work in the homestead but she soon transitions and becomes a stronger person. The peak of Lena's character change can be seen when the homesteaders relocate. On the relocation of homesteads, Lena receives her 'procedural mark' which is necessary for her to be a part of the resistance within the borders. These chapters lead you up to how Lena got into her now situation but not before taking you on an emotional roller-coaster.

Lena's now situation is located in New York as part of a family with Raven and Tack, another homesteader, posing as her aunt and uncle. Lena's job as a resister is to monitor the DFA in every move. The DFA is an organization that strongly promotes the cure and is lead by Thomas Fineman and its youth program is lead by his son, Julian Fineman. The big day for Lena as a part of the resistance will come on the day of one of there rallys. Raven gives Lena the task of not 'losing' Julian Fineman and watching him every move. This task will become very difficult when the scavengers come and raid the rally causing mass chaos. Where will this put Lena? What does this mean for Lena in the future? Read the book to found out Lena's next moves.

"I want to know. I want to know with you."

Theme. The theme throughout the book is overcoming hardships, both mental ones and physical. The text is structured then and now, with each having its own situations and hardships that Lena must face. The then chapters cause Lena to face physical hardships of lack of food, insufficient home areas and the weather. Then chapters have a setting in the wilds where the supplies needed for everyday life lack but Lena overcomes this weakness by building up her strength and working where she will be needed. During the now chapters of the book, physical hardships are still faced but these chapters possess more mental struggles for Lena. In the now chapters of the book, Lena lives in New York with her "aunt and uncle" as an active part of the resistance. The tasks that Lena faces here are mental as far as her deciding what she is "allowed" to do while posing on a cured person. Both of Lena's situations are relatable to that of someone that must overcome hardships of life.

One of the hardships faced is traveling through the Wilds in the winter.

Purpose. Lauren Oliver's purpose for writing this series could be  to provide knowledge on what society could be like. However, I  believe that the book was written for entertainment purposes mainly. While some things in the book could come to be in society, the book is written in description and i have found it to be entertaining and always leaving the reader to want to know what comes next.

Recommendation. I would recommend this book to mainly girls although some guys may enjoy it. This thrilling novel mixes a romantic love story with a girls struggles. The book always keeps you guessing what will come next especially with the alternating chapters. I would definitely recommend this book to someone who is looking for a suspenseful, romantic novel.

By: Victoria Fonte

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