Sending Warm Wishes Your Way...

...but with hopes for at least a LITTLE bit of
snow for the holiday season!

Please press play below!

Now press play below for some holiday tunes!

Charlie Wrinkles and I would like to wish each and every one of you a fun

holiday season surrounded by your family and friends. 

Make sure to take some time for yourself, relax a little bit, and do something for YOU. 

Enjoy the opportunity to reflect back on everything that happened in the last year. 

Here's a look at our 2012...  

We had a very fun 2012, filled with a lot of great memories and laughs with family and friends.

Congratulations to those of you who got engaged, got married, got pregnant, had a baby, moved, bought a house, bought a car, got a new job, got a promotion in your current job, graduated, retired, picked up a new hobby, started your own business,
and/or had any other GREAT, LIFE CHANGING, and MEMORABLE accomplishment worth noting!

You are all very special people in our lives!  Thank you for all that you do--it is all much appreciated.

Have a very happy new year, and make the best of 2013!

We love you!
Whitney & Charlie Wrinkles

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