Kinetic and Potential Energy

By Jacob Olson

Kinetic Energy is the energy created when an object moves. For example, this swinging ball is moving. Therefore it has kinetic energy.

But, an object does not have to move to have kinetic energy. For example, a desk or chair that does not move has kinetic energy. Just by being there. All matter has some sort of kinetic energy.

Potential Energy

Potential Energy is stored or possible energy. For example, the farther Katniss pulls the string back on the bow, the greater the potential energy she is creating. Then, if she releases the string, she creates kinetic energy.

There is also an energy transformation going on with the bow. All the energy is stored in the bowstring as Katniss pulls it back. But when she releases the string, all that energy is transferred into the arrow; propelling it forward. That then is kinetic energy.

This is an awesome video that explains energy. It's an awesome video that I bet no teacher will ever beat. And he even has more videos. But this one explains energy so I added it. It is a fun video that grabs your attention and makes you want to

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