What is your soundtrack?

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

Sometimes the only positive things you will hear are the things you say to yourself.

Why is it so important for us to argue for our limitations? Why do we need to be the biggest advocate for our mediocrity? When you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them. The soundtrack that is playing in your head will enable or disable your initiative, your drive, your passion. Why compose a soundtrack that will convince you that you cannot move to the next level? What purpose does this serve? Your life around you is already working on that soundtrack. Your environment is telling you that this is all you will achieve. You already have overachieved. Be happy with what you have. Others around you are telling you to be realistic and accepting of your fate. Why join the fray? What if instead, you began to compose a soundtrack that made it MORE possible for you to dig deep and take one more step forward. What if your soundtrack showed you a different future? A future in which you DID reach your potential. A future where you went beyond all of your limitations. What if this soundtrack made you believe. Believe that it was possible for you to reach these heights. You can fill your head with positive and motivating reinforcement of your dreams, or you can choose to fill your head up with doubt and negativity. One way is an open door that leads to a future full of possibility and promise. The other way is a closed door that forever sentences you to live with the permanent and unchangeable decisions you have made in the past.

Pick your soundtrack.

(Idea for image from Jennifer McDonald, you da the man!)