The Story of
Chomp: King of the Forest

About 200 years in the future, the population of the human race has increased to over 11 billion people and the Earth is starting to run out of space to contain everyone. Because of this, people have started to set up town and cities in remote forest areas.

The technology has advanced so much that scientists have recently discovered a new chemical that will cause trees to wilt and disappear within minutes.

One day, a team of scientists went out into the forest to clear some land for a new up and coming city. A young and naive scientist mislabeled his chemicals and gave one of the trees the wrong toxin. The tree slowly emerged from the ground and started to grow human like features. The tree saw all of the scientists administering the correct chemical to the other trees that caused them to wilt within minutes.

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Out of anger, the tree attacked every man in sight by chomping off their heads. He felt as if he needed to protect the forest because humans continued to try and clear forests for their own selfish uses.

And from then on out, he was referred to as "Chomp" because of his large mouth and sharp shark-like teeth that effortlessly chomps the head off of a human.

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For decades, people never set foot in the forest because they were afraid of the monster. Children had nightmares because of the stories that they heard about the great forest monster. Not even the most juvenile youths would try to rebel and cross into the forest because of the fear that Chomp struck into all of the townspeople.

Chomp successfully protected the forest for as long as he lived and considered himself the "King of the Forest" because no one dared tried to cut down or remove any trees after he violently attacked the scientists trying to take his land.