If I was Stuck in  1945
By:Victoria Vangordan

The 1945's I wonder what it was like, I have always wonder what it would be like. Oh sorry I am Izzy. I love to day dream about the 1945, because it was the end of World War 2, soldier and sailor started coming home. I wish I could be there. Well got to go. So, I started walking home. I saw tall oak trees and apple trees, I saw flowers everywhere. When I got to my house, a box was on my porch, with my name on in big, sparkly, pretty letters. I can't believe it was for me. I pick it up, ran inside, opened it and all I saw it was a pearl necklace. So, I picked up and put it on, thinking my mother left it for me, it was so beautiful. Then I was feeling tired so, I went to lie down. When I woke up I was in New Orleans in a dinner and I live in Alabama. So, I have no idea how I got here so I pinched myself but still stuck there. Then I looked down and I was in a pretty black and white poke a doted dress with a lace rims and the shoe that were white almost looked like Vans. Around me were sailors and soldiers dressed in uniform coming off ship and a sailor was come to me. I don't know him but he knows me, He was tall, strong brown hair, and blue eyes. I think I could get use to living 1945. The sailors name was Antonio West and my name was Isabella West his wife I guess. Antonio and me went to a dinner at a nice restaurant and I saw a painting of the future called dare to enter. So, I looked at it and then we went home to my new beautiful house with a white fence. But, then I saw I still had the beautiful pearl necklace on so, I wonder if that is how I got here and this is how I get home. However I saw I was a highly trained doctor at the Saint Grace Memorial Hospital. I don't want to go back I love it here I have a good job with good pay and I own, my own rifle. Life is awesome here. The women are the back bone of America. But if I ever wanted to go home I have to find the painting and jump through it or take off the necklace one of them have to work. But, I fit in here. It is my favorite time period in America's history. I never plan on going back. Life is prefect.

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