Why Monkey Quest is Awesome

By: Madeline Ortiz

Monkey Quest is a game that entertains children for ages 10 and up. It's mostly about doing quests, earn gear for your monkey, and leveling up. This game is one of the top 100 addicting computer games in the world. Not only that I'm talking about this topic but I play this myself. I can't stop playing it. Some kids think that this is dumb but from my point of view I see that this game is really cool once you get to play it. There are about 100,000 kids playing monkey quest and 1,000 kids joining the game. In monkey quest you can do things that real monkeys can't do. You can use weapons that you can defeat monsters. If you are are a parent reading this now don't worry. There is no blood or gore or anything like that. You can also type to other monkeys that are online. Don't worry about your child's online safety. Monkey Quest does not allow any bad things happening in the game. There are buttons that you can block other monkeys or chat rooms. If a bad monkey comes to harm you during your online game there is a report button that you can report that monkey and type the situation. Once you send the report the online authorities can either send an e-mail to the bad monkey's parents or banning the monkey's account forever. That's why they ask you your e-mail when your making an account. The creators of monkey quest is the top hit tv channel nick. You can join monkey quest for free and become a member. If you want to be a member you have to pay a little money. If your broke you can still play monkey quest if you have unity player. So join the online world of monkey quest for free at www.monkeyquest.com/sign up. I hope you like this game!!!!