Here it is, the most wonderful time of the year-Christmas time!πŸŽ… It's the time when everywhere you see Christmas decorations, listen to Christmas songs,  and even can feel something magical in the air. I just adore this holiday, and nothing can spoil it. I love when it is snowing outside, you decorate your home and Christmas tree with your family members, and then watch some positive movies and drink hot chocolate. It is the real happiness for me. Or just walking in the evening when all the lights are on, and you buying your presents. It really gives you Christmas mood. Honestly, I don't understand people who don't like this time, because it is he time when everyone believes in magic, even adults. But, unfortunately, nowadays there are many people who don't like Christmas, and they turn this holiday something to live through, and then continue their routine life. They don't enjoy it, becuase of many cirumstances, for example to prepare a big table with many dishes for every guest. Of course, it is not the holiday.  Even children don't feel the same thing as we did. They don't belive in Santa Claus. They don't write letter to him, asking the desired present, and then looking for it in the whole house. They just give the list to their parents to buy for them the presents. Even I and many people whom I know and are old enough believe in Santa, because he is one of the meanings of Christmas. Even if doesn't excist, what disturbs you believing in him, believing that something really magical can happen. But I think we can change everything by oursleves. Here are some advice to make your Christmas a special one.✨

At first, don't just buy presents and give to your friends or family members. You can play a game, hiding presents in your house, and then searching it. You can play Secret Santa with a big company of friends. It is when you buy a person a present anonymously, and then give him or her hints to understand who his/her Secret Santa is. Second-decorations. The main decoration is, of course, Christmas tree, and many beautiful lights and candles. Turn on happy songs and decorate your house, having fun. Here is the list of some Christmas songs.🎢

1. Perry Como-It's beginning to look like Christmas

2. Alan Silvestri-Spirit of the season

3. Bobby Helms-Jingle Bell rock

4. Brenda Lee-Rocking around Christmas tree

5. Dean Martin-Magic moments

6. Darlene Love-All alone on Christmas

7. Nat King Cole-Deck the halls

8. Frank Sinatra-Let it snow

9. Andrew Sisters-Here comes Santa Claus, Twelve days of Christmas

10. John Williams-White Christmas

To rise your Christmas mood, there is nothing better than to watch jolly Christmas movies. Here is the top-10 list of good movies and cartoons.🎬

1. Home alone

2. The polar express

3. Santa Claus

4. Battle of the bulbs

5. Cancel Christmas

6. Arthur Christmas

7. Christmas with the Kranks

8. Saving Santa

9. Christmas Vacation

10. Love actually

I hope that my blog will help you somehow, but the holiday mood you must create yourslef, thinking positively and doing crazy things, not being afraid to seem stupid or childish. It is the time when everyone can be a child and not be ashamed of that. Dance, sing, play different interesting games, make something on you own etc. Just enjoy your days, try to see the beauty of the world and you'll feel the spirit of the season, cause you can see and feel it everywhere. Merry Christmas and Happy New yearπŸŽ…πŸŽ„βœ¨

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Home Alone is great! Especially if you're traveling during the Holiday

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@pasto yes, it never gets old )))

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🎄 Christmas🎄 🎄

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🎅🎉 спасибо