Veronica Roth

Science Fiction

Veronica Roth is the author of "Four's Story" as the Transfer, Initiate, Son, and the  Traitor. She has also wrote Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant.

Four/Tobias  Stories




About Veronica

Veronica's birthday is August 19, 1988, and she is 25 years old. She currently lives in Chicago,Illinois  with her husband Nelson Fitch. She was inspired to start writing with her ongoing battle of anxiety and trapped spaces.

The Book I'm Reading by my Author: Four The Transfer

Four The Transfer is about Four/Tobias on choosing day.

Fun Facts About Veronica

Veronica likes to cook in her free time. Veronica is also  interested in psychology, biology, and contemporary art.

Veronica's Fear

Veronica's fears are roller coaster, heights, spiders, and bugs. Things she can't control herself is her biggest fear.

Veronica's Famous Quote

"Seeing people who are actually reading your book and listening to the wide variety of reactions they have to it, is really special."
-Veoronica Roth

A Book Made Into A Movie

Veronica recently made a movie of the book "Divergent". It is expected to come out on DVD in August, and a sequel to the movie "Divergent" is expected next year;  It'll be called "Insurgent" based on the book Insurgent.

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