The Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire was the eastern half of the Roman Empire

The Byzantine Empire had a major effect on Russia.

  The Byzantine Empire started around the year 330 A.D when Emperor Constantine set up the capital to be in Constantinople. This is what happened when the Roman Empire split. The eastern half was now called The Byzantine Empire. The empire then lasted for around 1000 more years and ended in the year 1453. A few reasons that the Byzantine Empire lasted so long is that they minded their own business, they had an organized government and they didn’t get to big. One reason that the Byzantine Empire fell was because the Italians conquered it because the empire had invited foreign troops on its soil in order to enlist their aid in defending the empire from other foreign attackers.  These were called the crusades. The crusades cause change in the empire and eventually cause it to fall.

  The Byzantine Empire is located by the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea and were Ancient Greece used to be. Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire.  As a result of being by 2 main bodies of water trade was great between Asia, Europe and North Africa and Russia. These places especially Russia promoted the idea of the Byzantine. With the trading of things also comes the trading of ideas. Some ideas that were traded were the Cyrillic alphabet, religion, art work (mosaics) and architecture.

  Contributions from the Byzantine Empire are art and architecture. They were the ones that used the onion shaped domes.  Another major thing that the Byzantine Empire did was they preserved the Greek and Roman culture. The Byzantine Empire saved the knowledge, art, and ideas of the old Roman and Greek cultures.

  The Byzantine Empire had many interesting aspects of their culture from the architecture and art to their religion. Mosaics were something that the people of the empire were very good at. They arranged glass and gold tesserae into simple shapes with little overlapping. During the time of the Byzantine Empire, a weapon now most commonly called the “Greek Fire” was in high use. It gained peoples interest because it could burn on floating water and even better it cause be ignited by water.

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