To Kill A Mocking Bird

Summaries:Chapter 1-3

Summary & Theme of Chapters 1-3

In the story "To Kill a Mockingbird" , the main characters were Atticus, Jem, Scout, Dill ,and Calpurnia. The charcters were living to learn as well as trying new things. The story took place during the summer years of the 1920`s around the time of the year that Dill usually came to visit Maycomb. Summer days seemed to go  by so fast because Dill, Scout ,and Jem were always enjoying the quality time they spent together. Summer days were always the best days in Maycomb County according to Jem , Scout ,and Dill.

The moral of these chapters were we live to experience new things in life day to day. Sometimes in life everything doesn`t go as we may want it to go ,but it doesn`t mean it`s the end of the world. You must step out and try new things in order to live and learn. Everyone does somethings in life they`re not satisfied with ,but it`s their decision to choose how they deal with it. For every good thing that happens , something bad is always going to follow it and vice versa. Only you`re in charge of what you learn and how you take it in.

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