Al-Shabaab in Somalia

Cameron Kurtz

Putting up a wall to keep the Al-Shabaab out of Kenya is completely just by the just war theory but sending troops to Somalia to stop them is unjust by the just war theory. For starters, Kenya does not have authority over Somalia and what happens in Somalia. They should not be sending their troops into this country even to protect the people because it is the job of th Somalian government. At the moment however it appears that the Somalian government is not going to do anything about the Al-Shabaab violence. Civilians are dying if Kenya goes to war or if Kenya remains neutral. It is also a very low chance of being succesfull with this ploy to stop the devout Islam group. They believe if people fight against them, the person is against their god. For this reason they are likely to fight to their last man using the same guerilla tactics they have used in the past.

A. Laing, Aislinn. "Kenya Erects a Wall along Border with Somalia to Keep out Al-Shabaab." The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group, n.d. Web. 01 May 2015.

C. Kenya has decided to build a wall between themselves and Somalia to keep out the Islamic group Al-Shabaab. They have been identified as a terrorist group and are responsible for many attacks on Kenya and organizations in Kenya. They are located in Somalia and will often simply walk over the border undetected with heavy weaponry. This wall will ideally keep these criminals out of Kenya to protect the innocent citizens.

D.I. Kenya vs. Al-Shabaab

II. Kenya, Somalia

III. The Al-Shabaab are acting as a terrorist group. They use weapons that are used by any army but they are extremely aggressive.

IV. The Al-Shabaab claim that they want Somalia to be a strict Islamic state. Kenya has been sending in support for Somalia to help protect them from the violent Al-Shabaab. The terrorist group sees the Kenyans as people trying to usurp their religion and their god.V. Kenya is putting up a wall to hopefully keep out the Al-Shabaab without having to overpower them with force at risk of citizens.



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