Lyric Poem

A Lyric poem gives and expresses emotional feelings. This kind of poem doesn't tell a story. The lyric poem is in a first person point of view. It is a short kind of poem. It is a song-like poem. It is not always meant to be sung.

My Heart Sings By- Joe Fazio

In the song of life, all lyrics need a melody.

You are the lyric and you are the melody.
You are the lyric of my heart and of my soul.

The beauty of the rose, speaks a lyric of love.
Love, speaks a lyric of you.

The silent lyric of goodness, echoes from within you.
My heart, speaks the lyric of only you.

Let the words...the lyric...that bind, pass between us.
Let the lyric, of you...of as one.

A million words I can speak of you and the lyrics
would be the same...I love you now. I always will