in session one we learned how to to use the SAM robot. So we play with it for a bit.

In Session 2 we used the SAM again. This time we learned how to teach it to do something. Such as repeating a progress we show it.

In Session 3 we learned how to make the brick just by pressing a button. We also learned how to use lights on it. And last but not least we made/teach the brick how to move and stop by the push of a button.

in session 4 we used the nxt brick once again but this time we used the ualtrasonic sence. we use 3 different sound sencers. the were fun to use. we clap to make it move and to stop.

in session 5 we used the sound sensor again but we used it differently. if something was to get in the way and it heard it would of turned away. it was fun using this divise.

In session 6 we used a program called bloop. it asked us questions to see if we new them. it was basiclly a compition.

In session 7 we just did a test and worked on the take. the test was basied on what we new.

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