Jivonni Johnson


My name is jivonni johnson. I was born in wilson on February 16, 1997.  I am 17 years old with an interesting life. On my free- time im on my phone or dancing or sleeping. Dance is my favorite thing to do because it gives me life. Whenever im having a bad day i dance and it relieves me. Not everyone can be a dancer. It takes a person to let go and just dance. A true dancer can dance when there is no music because its in there head. I do not let my mind control my moves my feet does. I am a current dancer at Toe2Toe. My dance director are Stephanie, Chirsty, Ashley, April. They are wonderful ladies who have influence my life to be a dance director. I have seven other siblings who are wonderful. I have 1 dad and 2 moms. I am a christian and my pastor is Fred Eugine Clarida. I attend Smith Chapel O Free Will Baptist. When I get older I will be a Lawyer. I plan to magor in pre- law and then go to law school. Although things may change. My life is full of different.

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3 years ago