Poems by Ross Welling

Arm Break

I was standing

waiting until my legs were ready.

I went racing fast as I could

waiting to jump on the bed.

I did.

I ran around it like a chimp following a truck load of bananas

with my arms flailing all around.

My mom yelled at me loud and I went flying of the bed into a cabinet.

I slammed elbow first into it.

I heard a crack.

I couldn't feel my arm halfway down

my arm a mangled mess

the bruise on it

tears all over my face

I felt like i was a big

four wheeler with one wheel off

As my mom picked me up

and took me downstairs wrapped me up in cast fabric

and called the hospital

as the red and white ambulance came

I cried super loud

and I was rushed to

the hospital.


There I was opening the garage door

getting ready for school

but I saw my dog with her big blue eyes

her soft black fur.

I ran to my mom saying “Mother, Zoey is

limping around.”

but i had to go to school

so I did.

When I got home school

she was gone and

my mom was crying

and I knew she was gone

for good.

Freddy Fazbear

there I was

the 5th night

in the middle of the night

10o/o left

freddy is coming

the only one

but I hear a knock

its chica

as I paid attention to chica

forgetting about freddy then

he popped up and

got me

I was so mad

I started to throw everything around

the room.

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