K-12 mLearning Options


What is this? Vocabology is an iOS app that builds an individual's vocabulary. It provides a word-of-the-day, including definition and examples of the word used in a sentence properly.  

How can this be used? Vocabology can be used to enhance student learning specifically in English courses. The app also has quizzes that can reinforce the vocabulary terms they learn.

Grammar Up

What is this? Grammer Up is an iOS app that focus on vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

How can this be used? This app can help strengthen students writing and reading comprehension. Grammer Up can be used in English classes for students in all grades. The app also gives progress statistics to track improvements.  

Good Reader

What is this? GoodReader is an iOS app that can be used to edit documents. The focus of this app is allowing learners to proofread their work.

How can this be used? Students can use GoodReader to edit their work, they can easily incorporate feedback from teachers and peers. One could have their students exchange assignments to provide peer review using this app.

Essay Writing Guide

What is this? This app helps individuals write more cohesively by focusing on sentence structure. It helps students understand the structural elements of writing, including content, style, and organization.

How can this be used? Students can use Essay Writing Guide to improve their writing skills. Students could use this to help plan their essays. The app offers text structure of a beginning, middle, and end.


What is this? Corkulous is a collaboration app. Students can brainstorm ideas on a single virtual corkboard. They can attach different forms of media such as videos, photos, documents, etc.

How can this be used? Students can collaborate and brainstorm ideas using this app even if they are not available to meet in a face-to-face context. Continuing with the theme of English Language Arts, this app could be used to interpret literary text and allow students to expand on one another's ideas.

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