Bear Essentials Food Pantry at           University of Central Arkansas Holds   Successful Festival

           Awareness Shines for Event

Event Hashtag: #bearsgiving


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  • Volunteers for the event were professor of communication Staci Fritzges, and her class for event planning: Joanna Averill, Brooke Ballard, Haleigh Clark, John Clark, Amanda Daley, Jennah Denney, Daniel Eliff, Chelsea Garcia, Brandon Hardy, Boone Hyatt, Trey Lamberth, Helen Lockhart, Yao Li, Vanessa Medrez, Jennifer Mitcham, Michele Naudin, Taylor Stokes, Kara Suitt, Aimee Tedford, and Ryan Winkel.
  • The class was led by event leader Trey Lamberth, and assistant event leader Ryan  Winkel.
  • The goal was to create awareness on-campus about the Bear Essentials Food Pantry so students and faculty know it exists. Before the event, food pantry boxes were placed across campus.
  • The organizations involved with the event were Delta Zeta sorority sponsoring with a face painting booth, and the International Engagement organization sponsoring with a map game booth. Also Vanessa Medrez's mother volunteered as a clown.
  • Other games for the event were setup by the class including a cake walk, selfie for pictures, hula hoops, nail painting, and spin and win.
  • The chili cook-off winner was professor of chemistry Faith Yarberry. The other chili  participants were: Professor of English Brian James, Dr. McIntyre of Communication, and Dr. Bedner of Communication.
  • Food was donated by Kroger, and Aramark.
  • The Bears Essentials Food Pantry opens from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. each Wednesday at Old Main Hall. For more information checkout:


  • Assistant Event Leader Ryan Winkel said, "I had to step up as an event leader. I went from a team member up to an event leader as well as being the assistant for the event. So I had to step up my game."
  • Founder of the Food Pantry Brian James said, "A huge thank you. This is fantastic. Impressed with this. It is nice that UCA is invested in seeing this succeed."
  • Overall Team Event Leader Trey Lamberth said, "Managing the employees and being the event leader."
  • Professor Faith Yarberry said, "This was a family recipe except a lot more meat. Everything from scratch including pinto beans."


                                                Brian James                       Staci Fritzges


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