Street of Cañon


     A mysterious man, of Hidalgo, shows up at a Sarita Calderón’s 18th birthday party in San Juan Iglesias with a package. When he arrives at the party he finds Sarita Calderon and flirts with her chaperone, so that he can dance with her. People gathered around the table looking at the package the mysterious had left; inside it was an exquisite cheese (this cheese was only made in Hidalgo, a town that has ongoing tension with San Juan Iglesias). The mysterious man asks Sarita to walk with her around the plaza twice. He escapes when the commotion about the cheese comes up, and was never found (Sarita believes she has danced with Pepé Gonzalez).

Plot Diagram

Exposition- A stranger named Pepé Gonzalez, of Hidalgo, sneaks his way through the streets with a package into the town of San Juan Iglesias and into the house where Sarita Calderón's 18th birthday is being held.

Rising Action- Pepé is welcomed into the house by Sarita's father, Don Roméo Calderón. After Pepé Gonzalez sat down, he started making eye contact with Sarita Calderón. Pepe walked up to Sarita Calderón's chaperone and sweet talked her so he could get a chance to dance with Sarita Calderón. Pepé Gonzalez and Sarita Calderón discussed about the tension between Hidalgo and San Juan Iglesias. They also discussed the attempted theft of Don Rómolo Balderas. The people at the party started to notice the contents of the package that Pepé Gonzalez brought to the party.

Climax- Pepé Gonzalez asked Sarita Calderón if they could have a walk around the plaza on Sunday and leaves before the people at the party realize where the cheese, from the  package that he brought, came from.

Falling Action- The people discuss what type of cheese it is and where it came from. The town realizes that the cheese came from Hidalgo and that the stranger brought the cheese. They tried to find him, but he was already gone.

Resolution- Sarita realizes that she was talking and dancing to Pepé Gonzalez from Hidalgo.


The setting is at Sarita Calderón’s 18th birthday party, in the town of San Juan Iglesias in Mexico. The story takes place on a spring night in May between the years of 1900-1950.


Pepé Gonzalez

  • Stranger to San Juan - “welcome stranger.”
  • From Hidalgo - “The Hidalgo Man laughed and raised his glass high.”
  • Round - He has good manners - “The chaperone stared at him in astonishment. Such fine manners were not common the town of San Juan Iglesias.”
  • He is young - “He was young, no more than twenty five…”
  • He had black curly hair - “… and his black curly head was bare”

Sarita Calderón

  • Don Roméo Calderón’s daughter - he says, “Come and drink a toast to my daughter—to my beautiful Sarita.”
  • She is 18 years old - “She is eighteen this night”
  • Dynamic - In the beginning of the story she calls Pepé one of the “wicked monsters from Hidalgo” (unknowingly). She calls Pepé and the two men that he took with him to steal the bones of a historian “three Devils” During me middle of the story he dances with him (not knowing who he is). At the end of the story she realizes who she was dancing “within the circling arm of Pepé Gonzalez.”

Don Calderón

  • Host of the Party - “Welcome, stranger, welcome to our house.”
  • Sarita’s Father - “Come and drink a toast to my daughter—to my beautiful Sarita.”
  • Flat - He is only described as “a plump, officious man”


Internal Conflict- The internal conflict is that the stranger, Pepé Gonzalez, is in love with Sarita Calderón, however they cannot be together because of the ongoing tension between Hidalgo and San Juan Iglesias.

External Conflict- The external conflict is that Pepé Gonzalez would be killed by the town of San Juan Iglesias if they discovered who he was. Pepé Gonzalez would be killed because of the tension that is occurring between the town of Hidalgo and the town of Jan Juan Iglesias.


Theme - Risks are worth taking for love.

Evidence: “What is a dragon,’ he asked imperviously, ‘when I longed to dance with you.” He was willing to go through anything to dance with her, since a dragon is a very powerful and fearsome creature, and he acts like a dragon is nothing. “Who would guess that an Hidalgo man dared to walk alone in the streets of San Juan Iglesias?” The man takes the risk of being killed or injured to go to the 18th birthday of Sarita, the one whom he loves.


The author gave "Street of Cañon" a mysterious tone. This can be seen when the stranger, Pepé Gonzalez, travels from shadow to shadow in the town of San Juan Iglesias so he isn't seen. Pepé Gonzalez is from the town of Hidalgo, so he had to stay inconspicuous just so the town of San Juan Iglesias wouldn't turn on him. Pepé Gonzalez was dancing with the girl, Sarita Calderón, at her party while avoiding questions about who he was. When people noticed the open package containing cheese from Hidalgo, he snuck out after he whispers to the girl asking if they could pace around the plaza and before anyone had time to realize who he even was.

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